Mimeo Task Stool

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With distinctive style and dynamic support, Mimeo task seating supports the changing workplace by enabling unrestricted movement and cross-functional interaction throughout the day. Its appropriate scale allows it to be easily transported and visually integrated into multiple spaces.

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The shape of movement.

You’re on the move throughout the day. Wanted here. Needed there. Leaning in. Reaching out.

Mimeo seating from Allsteel is designed to move with you. Created for today’s active workplace, active workstyles, and active sitting, Mimeo is responsive and supportive of your every move.

It hugs you. Embraces you. Envelops you. No matter your task. No matter your size or shape.

All-Day Support

IntelliForm back technology and advanced materiality embrace the user, providing consistent contact for personalized comfort.

Bringing People And Ideas Together

Appropriately scaled and lightweight design is ideal for highly active and collaborative workstyles.

Form Meets Function

Mimeo’s design brings visual depth and a vivid graphic quality, allowing it come to life and make a strong visual statement.


Material Steel, Mesh

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